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"A working relationship based on Trust is the most important benefit of Design/Build"

Unified Approach
Over the last 25 years a concept has evolved which is known as the "Design/Build" approach to construction projects. This approach is an alternative to the time consuming and expensive method of: hiring an architect, creating a design, selecting project specifications, bidding, re-designing, re-drawing, and re-bidding.

Instead, the Design/Build approach creates a "team" early in the planning process with the architect, general contractor, interior designer and Owner. The goal of this team is to improve coordination and minimize the uncertainty of constructing a project by having a unified, professional team in charge of all phases, from concept to final completion. All expectations are clearly defined and understood, in advance, before a single nail is hammered.

Reality Based Design
This approach saves money because your project is designed from the beginning with a specific budget in mind. The builder is available to advise the architect of cost effective methods and materials without sacrificing the aesthetic beauty or function of the home. These selections are based upon costs, quality, maintenance, and availability.

Eliminates Change Orders
Exact specifications for materials and finishes such as windows, doors, cabinets, appliances, tile, floor coverings, etc., are created as the design develops. This early selection process virtually eliminates "allowances" for these items and the resulting "change orders" for upgrades due to lack of specification at the time of bidding.

Conventional Committed Design = Unknown Cost
When dealing solely with an architect or designer, the Owner has to commit to a design without knowing the final construction cost. This often results in the disappointment of an un-built design or one that is much more expensive than the Owners original intention or expectation. In many cases, this situation forces the Owner to lower their expectations or "go back to the drawing board" to try and meet the budget. A huge waste of effort, time and money

Real Time Savings
The Design/Build approach adds value by saving time and money. Estimating, design, price gathering and scheduling from subcontractors and suppliers happen simultaneously. Planning and Building Department submittals are built into the process and performed by the contractor and architect/designer. Construction financing can be applied for and secured earlier.

Competitive Bidding?
The only negative consequence to this approach to the Owner is the lack of competitive bidding. In our opinion and experience, competitive bidding doesn't work in any fashion and often results in stress, confusion, and disappointment to the Owners. Decisions based on the competitive bidding approach on Custom Homes are among the riskiest decisions anyone can make.

Trust Based Relationship
Establishing a comfortable working relationship between the Owner, Architect, and Builder is the single most important factor in determining how successful and pleasurable the building experience will be. Design/Build establishes this working relationship between the Owners and those responsible for the successful completion of your home. In our opinion, this is the most important reason for choosing the Design/Build approach.