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“Our home was completed on time and on budget in August 2006. We are convinced our custom home built by W. L. Taylor Construction is one of the nicest in all West Menlo Park. More importantly, our relationship with Bill has grown stronger through this custom home construction, a testament to Bill’s integrity.” — Dave T.

“I wholeheartedly recommend Bill...his skill and dedication will ensure the success of any endeavor he undertakes and his people skills and pleasant manner will make the the project site a place people will enjoy working in.” — Norma Fragoso, Redevelopment Manager, City of South San Francisco

“Bill performed above and beyond the call of duty on our home construction coming in under time and under budget...I think that you two will get along well as you both have a lot of integrity and discipline.” — Chris G. in referring W. L. Taylor to an associate

“You did a great job in selecting good people to be part of our project, treated them with respect and kept your word on paying them timely. You managed our expectations well, which was a challenge all in itself! You handled the overall project with professionalism, respect and expertise. You allowed me to dive in and become part of the process, which I really enjoyed. So thank you.” — Chris & Jackie G.

“Bill has the knowledge, organizational skill, and drive to tackle a number of tasks simultaneously. He knows enough about each contractor’s trade in order to determine whether the contractor has done quality work. Bill proved himself to be a competent building contractor, a hard worker, and a talented manager.” — Dennis & Sue B.

“Bill has been extremely professional with a goal oriented “can–do” approach...Throughout the time we worked with Bill, he has maintained a strong client focused attitude and found creative ways to keep the project on track. We can highly recommend Bill and his company for your new construction project.” — Dr. Sicco W.

“Without your willingness and timely dedication to this project, we would have never met our extremely tight deadline.” — Fran D.

“We have found Mr. Taylor’s work to be of the highest quality; his knowledge and professionalism made our portion of the work easy to complete on time.” — Sam S.

“Mr. Taylor had met the budget and schedule, and shown the highest level of completeness and professionalism.” — Keith D.

“I have observed over twenty–five years in architectural practice that the success of the project is directly measurable by the collective, individual contributions of the project team. The team structure functions best when the project goals are clearly defined and each participant is able to contribute their knowledge, experience and skill within the confines of their area of expertise...It is my professional opinion that Bill Taylor fits perfectly with the operating model just described. Bill has demonstrated ability to effectively manage his projects, while delivering a timely, cost effective, high quality product. His understanding of the challenge of the entire team as well as his own responsibilities make him a valuable contributor...Bill also brings the non-quantifiable assets of energy, enthusiasm and a “can–do” attitude to each project; and the importance of these attributes can never be overstated.”

“It is my pleasure to affirm the professional ability, technical competence and integrity of Bill Taylor” — Steve H.

“With all of the pressure that I put on Bill Taylor to get this job completed, I can say that I am more than satisfied with the work that his company has performed and would recommend his work any time.” — Ken S.

“We had the pleasure of disbursing funds on a custom home Mr. Taylor built in Los Gatos. Mr. Taylor met the terms of our contractual agreement in a very satisfactory manner. His end product was a well built house and detached garage, delivered within the time specified.” — Ed L.

“Our experience as a construction lender with Mr. Taylor was entirely satisfactory. The project was completed on time and within budget. Mr. Taylor kept the project running smoothly.” — Lori R.

“Bill’s management style is direct and professional. He has good communication skills and is well organized. Above all, he has demonstrated strong moral character and a high degree of integrity. I have complete confidence in his ability to take on the most complex of tasks.” — Tom M.

“In my years of working with dozens of contractors on numerous projects over the last few years, the project I worked on with Bill was one of the easiest and seamless projects I’ve had the pleasure to participate in. Bill’s professionalism, attention to detail, and ability to resolve any issue that came our way in a pleasant, professional manner made my participation an absolute delight.” — Connie D.

Additional References available upon request.