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W. L. Taylor Construction believes in teamwork. We can provide all of the Pre-Construction and Construction services required to meet the needs of the client, and successfully deliver a completed project on time and on budget. We believe that the success of a project is assured by the early selection of the project team. Therefore, it's important to involve W. L. Taylor Construction early in the planning process.

As part of our strategy, we proudly offer the following services:

Design: We can recommend a design team or assist an established team to maximize the clients design objectives while maintaining the budget goals. Our experience in construction systems and methods help to assist the design team and the client to make intelligent and effective decisions. If required, we also enlist the services of professional design/build subcontractors for major trades such as: foundation, framing, plumbing, heating & air and electrical.

Estimating: W. L. Taylor utilizes a fully computerized estimating system based upon historical unit cost data and Subcontrator bids. We provide "line item" estimates for all cost categories, allowing clients to see exactly how their construction budget is being distributed.

Value Analysis: W. L. Taylor Construction, along with the design team, will explore every opportunity to reduce overall costs, without sacrificing the overall quality of the project. Utilizing our library of resources, we will compare multiple construction systems and materials, and make suggestions based on price, quality, performance and maintenance.

Project Management: Every project has at least one of our principals involved. We will monitor the project from conception through completion. We will attend all pre-construction and construction meetings, consult the design team, prepare estimates, and coordinate the construction efforts to assure that the project's needs are being met. A critical path schedule, created in Microsoft Project, is developed for each project to keep the project on track.

Construction Coaching: Don't know where to start? Ask us about our "Construction Coaching" service. We'll be happy to walk you through the process.

Green Building Consulting: We provide Green Building Consulting and Build It Green GreenPoint Rating to other builders, architects, city agencies and developers.

We also offer these additional "Value Added" Services:

Real Estate Acquisition, Sales, and Development

Architectural and Engineering Design

Permit Processing and Expediting